Credit Card Swiping is Dumb

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Our take on Apple news plus “Oooooooooooklahoma where your private life is laid out on the plain…” and big new hard drive, and tiny radios and Heartbleed exploit wasn’t.

Western Digital readies first 10TB hard drive, ships new 8TB drive

“It pushes drive density using shingled magnetic recording, pressurized helium.”

Smartwatch Wars: The Apple Watch versus Android Wear, in screenshots

“Apple makes a more complex, all-black UI, while Google goes airy and image-heavy.”

Research Finds No Large Scale Heartbleed Exploit Attempts Before Vulnerability Disclosure

“In the days and weeks following the public disclosure of the OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability in April, security researchers and others wondered aloud whether there were some organizations–perhaps the NSA–that had known about the bug for some time and had been using it for targeted attacks. A definitive answer to that question may never come, but traffic data collected by researchers on several large networks shows no exploit attempts in the months leading up to the public disclosure.”

Comcast Wi-Fi serving self-promotional ads via JavaScript injection

“The practice raises security, net neutrality issues as FCC mulls Internet reforms.”

Oklahoma vs ACLU

Creepy system called “Black Asphalt” which tracks people.

Home Depot Credit Card Breach

Another article talking about the Home Depot Breach

We covered the Target Breach story on the Jan 18th 2014 episode of GeekSpeak.