Burning Man Takes Public Domain Monkey Selfie

A discussion of Burning Man, digital art, copyright, security traffic lights, and more.

Monkey Selfie is Public Domain

Copyright for Animals might have a different effect
U.S. Copyright Office says it won’t register works by animals, plants or supernatural beings.

It's Easy To Hack Traffic Lights

“Open wireless and default passwords make controlling a city’s intersections trivial.”

Digital Art: Composited Images

UC Berkeley computer scientists, led by Alexei Efros, create tool for analyzing images constructed from thousands of other images. “It works by generating an image that literally averages the key features of the other photos.
Users can also give extra weight to specific features to create subcategories and quickly sort the image results. In this way, blue-winged butterflies or orange tabby cats might rise to the top of photo collections.”

Congressional staffers banned again from Wikipedia after “transphobic” edits

“Edits to Orange is the New Black and other articles earn a month-long ban.”

California DMV says Google’s self-driving car must have a steering wheel

“State isn’t ready to approve Google’s cars without a backup control system.”