Jailbroken Cookies Taste like Puppies

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Jailbroken phones vs unlocked, new puppy, NASA engine? or not? 3d printed stuff delivery service, high-speed internet is more likely with competition, and more GeekNews.

Also, did we mention Lyle got a puppy? Puppy!!!

Introducing Higgs Boson, the Dog Particle

Phone Unlocking Bill

We chat about what unlocking is vs jailbreaking to help describe what this unlocking bill is that Obama just signed into law.

New Non-Cookie Tracking

Using Canvas Fingerprinting
techniques to make you unique so advertisers can track you.

Man Caught with Child Abuse Images

“A 41-year-old resident of Houston, Texas has been arrested after Google tipped off police that they had spotted child abuse images in his emails.”

Hawaii life on Mars

Investigators try living a “life on mars” life in the volcano rock landscape of Hawaii for 4 months.

"BadUSB" Exploit Makes Devices Turn "Evil"

Don’t be stickin’ any ol memory stick into your USB hole! It could be infected, or have an insidious program on it with instructions to do untowrad things to your ’puter. Only accept USB dongles from those you love and trust, and insert your own thinly-veiled sexual health advice-related entendres here.

IM and chat thwarts gummint eavesdroppers'

Traditional phone wire taps don’t work on IM chats, clever girl.