Solar Thermal Aggregates Medical Data at 60fps

Though Germany is not happy with the US at least now in the US your cell phone can’t be searched without consent.

Cops must have a warrant to search cell phones, rules Supreme Court

“The Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled unanimously that the authorities generally may not search the mobile phones of those they arrest unless they have a court warrant.”

What to do if police try to search your phone without a warrant

“But let’s be realistic—this ruling reverses a five-decades-old interpretation of the law that allowed arresting officers to search suspects’ pockets, phones, and anything else within his or her reach. Not to mention that some cops don’t always play by the books. Just because the Supreme Court said police must now change the way they do their jobs doesn’t mean they will—or at least not immediately.”

Analysis suggests that solar thermal can provide baseline power

“But it requires careful coordination across multiple plants.”

Trio of big black holes spotted in galaxy smashup

“Astronomers staring across the universe have spotted a startling scene: three supermassive black holes orbiting close to one another, two of them just a few hundred light-years apart. The trio, housed in a pair of colliding galaxies, may help scientists hunting for ripples in spacetime known as gravitational waves.”

Facebook Fights Cort Orders

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YouTube adding support for 60 fps videos

YouTube announced today it’s adding two new features that will benefit people who enjoy watching video games online and those who stream games online: 60 frames per second video playback and the option for fans to pay video creators directly through YouTube.

Google begins testing a domain registration service

Google today revealed that it is building a domain registration service called Google Domains. The product is still an early work in progress, so it’s in invite-only beta for now.

Programming on a Keyboard… a Piano Keyboard

Since the early 1950s, when the humans finally managed to make an electronic machine sing, the computers have been gradually becoming a helpful and versatile tool in audio production. Nowadays, thanks to digital synthesizers, VSTi instruments and digital audio workstations, you can forget about endless rolls of magnetic tape and produce an almost-studio-quality recording at home if you’re persistent enough.

NSA fears prompt Germany to end Verizon contract

The German government is ending a contract with Verizon over fears the company could be letting U.S. intelligence agencies eavesdrop on sensitive communications, officials said Thursday.