SpaceX Sues Net Neutrality Over Bouncing Batteries

Does a battery’s ability to bounce alter when uncharged? We find out from our own myth-busting team!
Also, Miles completely flubs a story on a SpaceX lawsuit; read the linked story to find out how wrong he was. These stories and more in this episode of Geek Speak.

Congratulations to SpaceX

“Musk announced that SpaceX’s recent attempt to soft-land a rocket booster stage was successful. It landed and was in ‘healthy condition’ immediately afterward.”

SpaceX Files Suit Against US Air Force

“During an event today to discuss a successful soft landing of a SpaceX Falcon flight, CEO Elon Musk also revealed that SpaceX has decided to file suit against the U.S. Air Force to get it to open up competition for national security-related rocket launches. Musk said that they were reluctant to file suit, but that the move is the last one available to them after trying to pursue other options, including complying with launch tests ordered by the Air Force before it entered into a sole-source procurement agreement that locks out private companies, which was entered into without justification, according to Musk.”

Street View Time Travel

“Browse all of Google’s Street View imagery from 2007 to today.”

The FCC’s “fast lane” rule is awful for the Internet—just ask the FCC

“Pay-for-play is fine for Web users? That’s not what the FCC said in 2010.”

Five registered lobbyists at Comcast have previously worked at the FCC

“One of the last FCC Commissioners is one of them. One chart describes it all.”

White House Petition For Net Neutrality

“True net neutrality means the free exchange of information between people and organizations. Information is key to a society’s well being. One of the most effective tactics of an invading military is to inhibit the flow of information in a population; this includes which information is shared and by who. Today we see this war being waged on American citizens. Recently the FCC has moved to redefine ‘net neutrality’ to mean that corporations and organizations can pay to have their information heard, or worse, the message of their competitors silenced. We as a nation must settle for nothing less than complete neutrality in our communication channels. This is not a request, but a demand by the citizens of this nation. No bandwidth modifications of information based on content or its source.”

Large-Scale Peer-to-Peer Technology for Streaming

“Job ad says Netflix wants to ‘integrate P2P as an additional delivery mechanism.’”

Apple launches replacement program for defective iPhone 5 power buttons

“Apple will repair your phone (and upgrade it to iOS 7, if you haven’t already).”

12 ethical dilemmas gnawing at developers today

“As software takes over more of our lives, the ethical ramifications of decisions made by programmers only become greater”

Amazon employs 18 women among 120 most senior managers

“None of these women report directly to boss Jeff Bezos, but select all-male group of 12 have direct line, according to leak”

The Battery Bounce Test

On the August 17th 2013 episode of GeekSpeak (Brainwaves Mapping the TARDIS while Google Bounces Batteries to Mars) we chatted about an interesting of batteries bouncing based on charge.

Matt Prater asked his class to investigate if the bounce really happened. Today on GeekSpeak we heard the results of this test.

Joey is in his 2nd year at Highland High School in the Gilbert Public School system, Gilbert, AZ. Joey is involved with the Highland Hawks Robotic team, competing in the FIRST Tech Challenge. He would like to attend Arizona State University, obtain an engineering degree and work for Intel.

Mandy is a Junior at Highland High School with plans to attend Grand Canyon University to become a teacher with a minor in Theatre Arts. Mandy has been in over 20 shows and musicals and this year, she has been given the opportunity to direct a short play. Mandy is in National Honors Society and is also on the board for theatre club.

Matt Prater is a first year Chemistry teacher at Highland High School. Previously, he was a radiochemist working in the Pharmaceutical industry for 13 years, creating diagnostics drugs for use in visualizing indications such as Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

You can see their results on these wonderful student created websites:

1st hour

3rd hour

5th hour

6th hour

7th hour