Fruit Fly Prints Plane while Violin Plays Heartbleed

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Fruit flies are mini-jet-fighters, Staples prints in 3D, Violinists and Stradivarius, Hearbleed explained and much more.

Fruit flies, fighter jets use similar nimble tactics when under attack

“These flies normally flap their wings 200 times a second and, in almost a single wing beat, the animal can reorient its body to generate a force away from the threatening stimulus and then continues to accelerate,” he said.

The fruit flies, a species called Drosophila hydei that are about the size of a sesame seed, rely on a fast visual system to detect approaching predators.

3D-printed UAV can go from not existing to flying within 24 hours

Because 3D printing allows one-off items to be created quickly and cheaply, it should come as no surprise that the technology has already been used to produce unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs. Engineers at the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (AMRC), however, have taken things a step farther. They’ve made a 3D-printed UAV airframe that’s designed to minimize the amount of material needed in its construction, and that can be printed and in the air within a single day.

Airpooler wants to let you hitch a ride on private planes

Airpooler is working with local flying clubs like the East Coast Aero Club to help pilots fill empty seats with riders who can share expenses, whether they’re heading to the Berkshires for the weekend or just doing a quick flight up to Jaffrey, New Hampshire, to grab a burger and shake at Kimball Farm.

Elite Violinists Fail to Distinguish Legendary Violins From Modern Fiddles

If you know only one thing about violins, it is probably this: A 300-year-old Stradivarius supposedly possesses mysterious tonal qualities unmatched by modern instruments. However, even elite violinists cannot tell a Stradivarius from a top-quality modern violin, a new double-blind study suggests. Like the sound of coughing during the delicate second movement of Beethoven’s violin concerto, the finding seems sure to annoy some people, especially dealers who broker the million-dollar sales of rare old Italian fiddles. But it may come as a relief to the many violinists who cannot afford such prices.

The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now

Mashable reached out some of the most popular social, email, banking and commerce sites on the web. They’ve rounded up their responses after the jump.

Password Managers - Get One!

I use 1Password and other’s use LastPass – you should use one to manage your online identity.

Also – LastPass has an interesting article about the heardbleed vulnerability.