Garth Sundem, Science, and Space Mummies

[Garth Sundem|], author of his most recent book, “[Brain Trust|]”, joins the Geeks and their quest to keep KUSP safe from the rogue neutron stars and space mummies. Mrrrrrrr!!!

TSA Bars Security Guru from Perv Scanner Testimony

“Schneier is a long-time critic of the TSA’s policies for screening travelers, and was formally invited to appear before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure hearings. However, the TSA objected to his presence because he is currently involved in a legal case over the use of said scanners in US airports.”

Google Data Centre Cooled By Bathtub Water

“At Google’s data centre in Douglas County, Georgia, the company apparently is looking to be both fiscally and environmentally responsible. The search giant is using water from the toilets and bathtubs of neighboring communities to help cool the servers that are running inside the facility.”

Using Pulsars to Guide Spacecraft

German scientists are developing a technique that allows for very precise positioning anywhere in space by picking up X-ray signals from pulsars.

Why Does Airline Food Taste So Bad

Step aboard a modern airliner, and the sense of taste loses its bearings. This isn’t simply because much airline food is unappetizing, although that doesn’t help. No, the bigger issue is science — science that airlines now want to turn to their advantage as they vie for lucrative business- and first-class travelers.
Even before a plane takes off, the atmosphere inside the cabin dries out the nose. As the plane ascends, the change in air pressure numbs about a third of the taste buds. And as the plane reaches a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet, cabin humidity levels are kept low by design, to reduce the risk of fuselage corrosion. Soon, the nose no longer knows. Taste buds are M.I.A. Cotton mouth sets in.

Inside the Mummification of Space Shuttle Discovery

In her retirement, Discovery is classified as the “orbiter of record” and will be the closest of the three orbiters (compared to Atlantis and Endeavour) to the space flight configuration. Its middeck has the gunmetal colored crew bunks in place along with a set of lockers. The astronauts’ restroom is installed adjacent to the port side entrance door, just like it would look like during an operational mission. This is unlike the other display orbiters. However, fans of the shuttle program are usually surprised and distressed when they learn of the true extent of the “mummification” of ‘Discovery” and her sister ships. There is much more actions performed on the orbiters than the standard preservation efforts that occur on aircraft entering museums.

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