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Jesse Wilkins joins Ben and Lyle for a bit of GeekSpeak News.

Microsoft Bing Search Queries Overtake Yahoo!

In terms of search queries, this was the first month Bing overtook Yahoo in terms of search queries, says Citi analyst Mark Mahaney. Both search portals are powered by the same technologies but clearly Yahoo search traffic is declining, which is just another problem added to new CEO’s Scott Thompson’s list of problems for the company.

Twitter to Google: You broke the Internet!

The microblogging service today fired back at Google’s new “Search plus Your World” feature in unusually blunt terms. Twitter general counsel Alex Macgillivray, who formerly worked at Google, tweeted:

“Bad day for the Internet. bit.ly/Am5bqz Having been there, I can imagine the dissension @google to search being warped this way.”

Google Fuses Google+ Into Search

Google search results are going to be automatically personalized (to a greater degree than they were already) for each user, with signals drawn from your Google+ Circles being used to highlight things your friends — or you, yourself — have shared. Any of these personalized matches will appear alongside ‘normal’ search results. And Google will also pull in photos shared on Picasa or Google+ (they’ll even show up if you’ve marked them private, but they’ll still only be visible to you).

WATERFI - Waterproof Phones

Welcome to Waterfi.com! Forget the bulky case, swim with your iPod the way nature intended.

Our iPods are Waterproof on the inside. Made in California and backed with a 1 year warranty.

Liquipel | Waterproof Your Cell Phone, No Case Required!

Water damage has threatened our devices for far too long. Liquipel protects every feature of your device with a revolutionary waterproof shield.

Facebook starts displaying ads in the News Feed

As expected, Facebook has started displaying ads in users’ News Feeds. You may not be seeing them yet as the company is rolling them out gradually, like it does for all its changes.

These new ads are marked as “Featured,” which could be confusing given that Facebook has always used the word “Sponsored” for its ads. Currently, Facebook uses the verb “feature” for making content on a user’s Timeline bigger and more prominent.

Vast Web of Dark Matter Mapped

Astronomers have created a vast cosmic map revealing an intricate web of dark matter and galaxies spanning a distance of one billion light-years.

This unprecedented task was achieved not by observing dark matter directly, but by observing its gravitational effects on ancient light traveling from galaxies that existed when the Universe was half the age it is now.

! Guest Geek Jesse Wilkins

[Computer Center Santa Cruz|http://computercentersantacruz.com] is Jesse’s company.

- viruses – safe browsing
Browse safely by keeping yourself updated, and away from ‘questionable’ sites.
windows security

current and updated software is paramount

-antivirus – AVG, Avast, MS security essentials, antivir, norton, mcafee, kaspersky, and many others
-antispyware -malwarebytes, spybot, super antispyware
-other – CCleaner

-windows; java; javascript; flash; adobe reader
-use secuniapsi.com to keep you updated

-malicious or infected web ads can infect you via non-updated software

-browser add-ons to block javascript and flash; no script, adblock plus
-run your browser in a virtual environment to keep it away from your actual system-sandboxie
-DNS-use a ‘safer’ dns host other than your ISP; opendns, googledns