Death is Screwed Up

Coffins that screw into the earth, SSL certs that can’t be trusted, corrections and other fun Geeky stuff.

Etisalat Certificate Authority Threatens Web Security

EFF will soon be launching the SSL Observatory project, an effort to monitor and secure the cryptographic infrastructure of the World Wide Web. There is much work to be done, and we will need the help of many parties to make the HTTPS-encrypted web genuinely trustworthy.”

the lying down game

Lying Down Game is a mass-participatory meme that involves having one’s photograph taken whilst lying rigidly face down in public space and then sharing the image via internet. Since becoming popular through Facebook around June 2009, the viral game has spawned thousands of photos of people lying flat in public landscapes across the world:

ThinkGeek :: USB Desktop Tanning Center

If you get into the deep chemical and engineering science of this process, you’ll soon figure out that it’s the UV rays that cause this skin color change. And, lucky for you, UV rays are easy to produce in mass quantities of lamps built in China and sold on ThinkGeek. Yay!

Don’t let the sun have the monopoly on making people love you more. Get the USB Desktop Tanning center and, in the comfort of your own cubicle, a scrumptiously golden tone can be yours in about the same time it takes you to update your lame blog with another meaningless entry that nobody will ever read. Ever.

Juxio -- Create New Meaning

Juxio is a new visual way to communicate. Individuals and businesses use Juxio to combine images, text and more into mashable, visual streams called Juxes to share across social media and in print.

Juxes are created on both our Web and iPhone apps. In the future we will support additional mobile devices. By making Juxio available anywhere at any time, we hope you find more ways to create new meaning.


Movies, TV Shows and Video from the Internet on your TV.

A Screw-In Coffin

A patent has been issued for this device, which would conserve space in burial grounds. The inventor even envisions a transparent variety:

“A clear plastic Easy Inter Burial Container, where the body is additionally encased in clear resin and is standing erect for all to view during installation, creates a very impressive image.”

The screwing-into-the-ground would be performed either by humans or by an adaptation on a tractor backhoe.

The Perseids Are Ending

The Perseid meteor shower is just beginning as the Earth passes through the dusty trail left behind by comet Swift-Tuttle. The meteor count is set to peak on Aug. 12.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute - Open House

The MBARI open house will feature science and technology exhibits, deep-sea videos, research presentations, robotic submarines, children’s activities, ocean career information, and much more. MBARI staff, scientists, and engineers will share their excitement about the institute’s work.

Study on Loss of Personal Information

Overall, Americans feel safest online when they are taking independent action for their own Internet security. Sixty-one percent believe that much of online safety and security falls under their personal control, and consistent with those feelings, 90 percent said they want to learn more about keeping safer on the Internet.

When asked why they don’t always do all the things they can or should do to stay safer online, most Americans said they simply lacked the information or knowledge (28 percent) – a surprising finding that surpassed other hurdles often sited by the media. Only 12 percent said online safety was too expensive, while just 5 percent said they were too busy to take the extra step.

Video quality less important when you’re enjoying the program

Research from Rice University’s Department of Psychology finds that if you like what you’re watching, you’re less likely to notice the difference in video quality of the TV show, Internet video or mobile movie clip.

Children's vegetable intake helped by Popeye

Twenty six kindergarten children aged four to five participated in the eight week study. The researchers recorded the kinds and amounts of fruit and vegetables eaten by the children before and after the program.

Lead researcher Professor Chutima Sirikulchayanonta said: "We got the children planting vegetable seeds, taking part in fruit and vegetable tasting parties, cooking vegetable soup, and watching Popeye cartoons. We also sent letters to parents with tips on encouraging their kids to eat fruit and vegetables, and teachers sat with children at lunch to role model healthy eating.’

Professor Sirikulchayanonta and her colleagues found vegetable intake doubled and the types of vegetables the children consumed increased from two to four. Parents also reported their children talked about vegetables more often and were proud they had eaten them in their school lunch.

Though this had a sample size of 26 children, so you should take it with a grain of salt.

Facebook Bug

Facebook is scrambling to fix a bug in its website that could be misused by spammers to harvest user names and photographs.

It turns out that if someone enters the e-mail address of a Facebook user along with the wrong password, Facebook returns a special “Please re-enter your password” page, which includes the Facebook photo and full name of the person associated with the address.