Death of IE6 and Enhance iTunes

IE6 Funeral, TuneUp and 1Password – Ben’s Software Pick, Earth and Environmental Systems Podcast, The 4K Sector Transition Begins,
Gamma Error in Picture Scaling, and Crazy USB: Fundue

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IE6 Funeral

Internet Explorer Six, resident of the interwebs for over 8 years, died the morning of March 1, 2010 in Mountain View, California, as a result of a workplace injury sustained at the headquarters of Google, Inc. Internet Explorer Six, known to friends and family as “IE6,” is survived by son Internet Explorer Seven, and grand-daughter Internet Explorer Eight.

TuneUp, Ben's Software Pick

“Your music collection is a mess. TuneUp fixes it. Automagically.™”

Earth and Environmental Systems Podcast

Cool podcast recommended by the geeks.

1Password, Ben's Software Pick

“Too many passwords to remember?

1Password can create strong, unique passwords for you, remember them, and restore them, all directly in your web browser."

The 4K Sector Transition Begins

“We’ll get in to the nitty-gritty about the impact of this in a bit, but first let’s start with Advanced Format. What is it? In a nutshell, it’s replacing the traditional 512 byte hard drive sector with a 4 kilobyte (4,096B) hard drive sector for a number of practical and technological reasons. Advanced Format is the name Western Digital is giving to drives implementing 4KB sectors.”

Crazy USB: Fundue

“Tired of the lunchtime greasy McBurger with pickle routine? Looking to expand your culinary sophistication without leaving your cube? Look no further than the Fundue™ – the World’s first desktop USB fondue set. With features like an LCD display, blue LED glowing heater element and fireglow USB cables you’ll be the MacDaddiest, most svelte lemming in the office come lunchtime.”

Gamma Error in Picture Scaling

“There is an error in most photography scaling algorithms. All software tested (August 2007) had the problem: The Gimp, Adobe Photoshop, CinePaint, Nip2, ImageMagick, GQview, Eye of Gnome, Paint and Krita. Also three different operating systems were used: Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.”

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Thursday, March 4, 2010, at 7:00 p.m, Forest Room 5, 2532 15th Street, Denver, CO 80211-3902.
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Upgrade and testing expenses. We’re going through that at T-Mo. PITA. Worse, some of our newer apps continue to require a specific browser, albeit newer. HP/Mercury’s BAC 8 requires IE7 and breaks in other browsers. I’m pissed.

Oooh…EtherPad tells of each user’s browser and IP? Hmmm…Where do you see this?
Float over the names in the upper right-hand window.Ah. Thanks

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! Music Meta Data

[TuneUp|] – “Your music collection is a mess. TuneUp fixes it. Automagically” Free download for 100 song clean-ups. $19.95 per year for a single computer. $29.95 for single computer lifetime.

Assumes CDDB to be correct. GraceNote has tighted the controls, which is good in one respect but makes updates harder. Now only the artist or label can update an entry, and there is a process by which that can be done. Radio stations that self-publish collections of local live in-studio performances often have to be educated in the proper way to format and then present the data to GraceNote.

[Freedb music database|]

[GraceNote music database |]

There are enough performance differences that audio ID can use a specific sample to identify a single tune from its peers, such as a live perf versus original studio release versus a compilation version.

[AudioID |] which is how you finger print audio files by their sound – not how CDDB works.

! [Western Digital advanced disk format|]

Yeah, man…light-switch-plate-art-foo!

! Podcast Mention

Colorado School of Mines – [Earth and Environmental Systems Podcast |] and [the Earth and Environmental Systems feed |]

! [Pacific Tsunami Warning Center|]

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Good advice and good plan…now, write that out in five simple clear steps in English.
yeah right! :-) I like the ‘in English’, cause it’d be easier in code and comments.
Shucks, for any four yo computer it ought to be easy to get a similar drive in an enclosure for dirt cheap…whammo…cheap backup.

! Crazy USB device of the week

Where’s my credit card!!! Stolen? :)
In the pot. Damn.
Ciao, thanks all!