Pencils, Frisbees, Grenades and Avatar

Guest Geeks Lindsey Lonne and Alex Sleeis join regulars Al and Lyle to talk about the GeekNews and take calls.

New Russian botnet tries to kill rival

Security researchers say that the relatively unknown Spy Eye toolkit added this functionality just a few days ago in a bid to displace its larger rival, known as Zeus. The feature, called “Kill Zeus,” apparently removes the Zeus software from the victim’s PC, giving Spy Eye exclusive access to usernames and passwords.

It's OK to Say No to the New iPhone

Rob Enderle wrote an interesting article on the iPhone and it’s pricing model. Enderle is a well-known tech analyst, and is highly regarded.

To get a full understanding take a look at [Gizmodo fairly accurate and up-to-date iPhone faq|]

Iran Shuts Down Gmail

Iran’s telecommunications agency announced Wednesday that it has permanently suspended Google’s e-mail services and that a national e-mail service for Iranians will be rolled out soon.

R.I.P. Apache 1.x: Apache 1.3.42 marks of end life

The latest version of Apache 1.3.42 is the last 1.3 version of Apache that will be released.

Man who invented the Frisbee passes away

At one point in time, before there were such things as home entertainment systems and gaming consoles, more people sought outdoor games to pass the time. Sadly the man who gave us one of the most memorable outdoor toys of all time has passed away. Walter Fredrick Morrison, who was known as the father of the Frisbee died on Tuesday at the age of 90.

University finds free online classes don't hurt enrollment

Free online courses aren’t sapping enrollment numbers—in fact, they’re actually helping to spread the word. Those are the preliminary findings out of Brigham Young University, which experimented recently by granting free access to a selection of its distance learning courses. Though further study is needed in order to see whether there’s a significant impact, educators are beginning to see that offering free materials isn’t the end of the world after all.

Google Voice

Info on Google Voice

Free Cell Phone Number Search

Cell phone numbers are generally not listed in telephone directories for reasons of maintaining confidentiality. In fact the very reason people go in for cell phones is because it offers them privacy. With a cell phone you can virtually choose people whose calls you would like to receive. No longer need you worry about being hassled by unwanted telemarketing agents, constantly pestering you to buy the most mundane things at all the wrong times. Such intrusion of privacy is not possible with a cell phone, to a large extent. Note the word ‘large extent’. No longer are cell phone number searches impossible. Thanks to the increasing presence of online resources which offer cell phone number search.

Winkpass Creations

Makes of the free applications, “Friend Finder” as well as many others.

PARC Works with Power Assure to Save Data Centers Power

Power Assure Inc, a California fledging developing power management solutions company, and the great Palo Alto Research Center, a k a PARC, have gotten themselves a $5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to reduce data center power consumption without impacting quality of service.
“Project aimed at moving data centers from being “Always On” to “Always Available” by virtualizing the power consumption”

How many orange slices does it take to charge an Apple?

If you iPhone battery is ever running low on juice and there’s no power outlet in sight, you can always turn to the humble orange for a recharge. Unfortunately you are going to need quite a few of them for a full battery. It takes 2,380 orange slices to charge an Apple iPhone.

Japanese researchers invent 1TB SSD the size of a postage stamp

Although SSD storage still haven’t achieved the mass market penetration as their churning, analogue counterparts, they are gradually becoming more popular as their storage capacity ramps up, and their costs ramp down.

World's most precise clock created

The new record-holder for the most precise timekeeper could tick off the 13.7-billion-year age of the universe to within 4 seconds.

Logitech claims 3 year battery life for Wireless Desktop MK710

Using a wireless keyboard
and mouse may free you from those annoying wires across your desk, but it does mean a constant reliance on batteries. Logitech is doing its best to let us forget about batteries running out by announcing a 3 year battery life on its latest keyboard & mouse package.

! Power Assure – Al Designs

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