Stop the Robot Overlords

The geeks fight off an impending robot take over with your donations.

Presidential Powers During Cybersecurity Emergencies

“[…] aides to Senator Jay Rockefeller reportedly have been working recently on a revised draft Senate bill that would give the President broad powers in the event of a Cybersecurity emergency, and that apparently would go so far as allowing the President to temporarily seize control over computer networks in the private sector.”

The Beatles Videos on Youtube

Welcome to BeatlesTube! Purpose of this site is to organize all videos about The Beatles that you can find on Youtube. There are plenty of Beatles-related footages spread on the tube but it’s difficult to have them in a logical sequence. BeatlesTube will help you to do that. Enjoy it!

Collision-free Driving by Mimicking Fish Behavior

“We, in a motorized world, have a lot to learn from the behavior of a school of fish in terms of each fish’s degree of freedom and safety within a school and high migration efficiency of a school itself. In EPORO, we recreated the behavior of a school of fish making full use of cutting-edge electronic technologies,” said Toshiyuki Andou, Manager of Nissan’s Mobility Laboratory and principal engineer of the robot car project. “By sharing the surrounding information received within the group via communication, the group of EPOROs can travel safely, changing its shape as needed.”

This is the world’s first development of a robot car that can travel in a group by sharing the position and information of others within a group via communication technologies.

While Nissan’s ongoing research aims at creating collision-free vehicles based on its safety concept “Safety Shield*6,” new technologies used in EPORO also aim to improve migration efficiency of a group of vehicles and contribute to an environmentally friendly and traffic jam-free driving environment.

VoIP Okayed for the iPhone

AT&T Inc. said late Tuesday that it will begin allowing iPhone owners to use Internet calling services on its wireless network.

Cheese or Font

Try to determine if the name is of a cheese or a font. Harder than you think.

NASA Telescope Discovers Giant Ring Around Saturn

The thin array of ice and dust particles lies at the far reaches of the Saturnian system and its orbit is tilted 27 degrees from the planet’s main ring plane, the laboratory said.

JPL spokeswoman Whitney Clavin said the ring is very diffuse and doesn’t reflect much visible light but the infrared Spitzer telescope was able to detect it.

White Zombie, the world's quickest street legal electric

This page is a condensed look at White Zombie, an electric 1972 Datsun 1200. It gives the vital statistics of one of the world’s quickest accelerating street legal electric cars, (both 0-60 and in the 1/4 mile). For a much more detailed look, click on the button ‘White Zombie History’ and take a tour spanning 14 years. The history pages are a large file and may take a moment to fully open, but this is the best place to see everything ‘White Zombie’ from the latest design changes to the latest racing results and more. If you’re hungry to see the most up to date version of the car you can jump from year to year using the page links and can skip right to it. Another interesting area can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Photos’ button, then navigate to ‘Plasma Boy’s various Electric Vehicles, then the sub album ‘White Zombie’. If that’s still not enough White Zombie info, click on the ‘Videos’ button and watch this high powered electric car take out muscle cars and hot import drag racers. Want more? Visit ‘YouTube’ and search ‘electric drag racing’ to find even more videos of White Zombie.
Watch the terrific episode from the TV show ‘Oregon Field Guide’ (aired 11-13-08) that featured White Zombie:

Nightmare on DIMM Street

“A two-and-a-half year study of DRAM on 10s of thousands Google servers found DIMM error rates are hundreds to thousands of times higher than thought — a mean of 3,751 correctable errors per DIMM per year.”

USB Jellyfish tank

The USB Jellyfishes Mini Aquarium with Moody Light illuminates FIVE soft colors circularly. Watching the lifelike Jellyfishes swimming, let your stress fading away and gives you sensation of relaxation. It is so simple in the operation! Just add water into the tank, connect the USB cable to the USB port. A small motor generates a current in the water, encouraging the jellyfish to swim gently and freely. The Jellyfishes won’t starve or make a mess, they just swim and sleep whenever you want. If you hate your messy desk and feel tired of your busy day, get one USB Jellyfish Mini Aquarium with moody light. It brings harmony to your workplace and calms your mind.