Robots, Hulu, and You

The geeks discuss robot development, and Miles welcomes our robot overlords. Guess which of the geeks is the real robot!

Most complete Earth terrain map taken

The images were taken by Japan’s Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (Aster) aboard the Terra satellite.
The resulting Global Digital Elevation Map covers 99% of the Earth’s surface, and will be free to download and use.

Google mistook Michael Jackson searches as an botnet attack

Web giant Google has admitted it thought the sudden spike in searches for Michael Jackson on Thursday was a massive, coordinated internet attack, leading it to post an error page on Google News.

Robot: Realistic robot hand handles sushi like a pro

It can’t make sushi yet, but a human-like robotic hand developed by Kyoto-based factory automation firm Squse is dexterous enough to handle it like a pro.

The fleshy robot hand, which weighs 340 grams and consists of soft silicone skin stretched over a polycarbonate skeleton, has 22 pneumatically-powered artificial muscles that enable it to bend its fingers like a human hand. The robot can perform 20 different moves, ranging from a delicate two-finger pinch to a full-hand squeeze.

robot: Meccano Spykee Wi-Fi Spy Robot

• A very cool Wi-Fi Spy robot that boasts an impressive set of features
• Can be controlled on a local connection or remotely via the Internet using the provided software

The Meccano Spykee WIFI Spy Robot is spy robot kit that stands at approximately 1 foot tall. Once built, this remarkable robot acts as your walking, talking spy, a wireless VOIP phone, a webcam, a digital music player for your MP3s, and personal video surveillance thanks to Spyke’s motion detector. The Spykee comes with 210 parts and is compatible with other Meccano sets for customization.

Robot: Ninomiya-kun book-reading robot

While electronic books and texts may be the wave of the future, Japanese researchers have developed a literate, child-sized robot capable of reading old-fashioned paper-printed books.

Walt Disney World unveils robotic version Obama

Walt Disney World unveils incredibly scary, robotic version of President Obama.

I’m packing my bags now. I’m going to live underground in an undisclosed location.

YouTube - [Trailer] Robogeisha

This is pretty dang funny

The Simpsons: Worth More on Hulu than Fox

“If a company wants to run ads alongside an episode of The Simpsons on Hulu or it will cost the advertiser about $60 per thousand viewers, according to Bloomberg. On prime-time TV that same ad will cost somewhere between $20 and $40 per thousand viewers.”

Apple patching serious SMS vulnerability on iPhone

The iPhone is more secure than MacOS X-based computers, but SMS may be a critical weakness.