Three Wolves vs. Horrifying Child Robot

The geeks cover news, robots, and three wolves.

Happy Birthday, Horrifying Japanese Child Bot

CB2 is one of Japan’s most advanced robotics projects—using 197 sensors under its pallid gray skin, eye-cameras, 51 pneumatic “muscles” and the high-end processing power to drive it all, it has learned to recognize facial expressions, follow the gaze of its “mother” and even teach itself to walk. Says PhysOrg:

Software to track our emotional outbursts

a new kind of agent from [Sentimine|] is starting to roam the web that can understand the emotional content of what we write – and they could soon arrive on your desktop too.

Russia considering reusing their ISS components

Russia is making plans to detach and fly away its parts of the International Space Station when the time comes to de-orbit the rest of the outpost.

Laughing up the sleeve of a T-shirt - Telegraph

Since this pocket satire appeared six months ago, the shirt has racked up more than 500 jokey reviews, and sales have soared twenty-fold. But how did the 500 wits find the item in the first place? And who has been persuaded by their unkind words to buy the wretched things?

Space Station Crew Drinks Up To Recycled Urine

After the astronauts on the International Space Station finished up their communications with Space Shuttle Atlantis yesterday, the crew on the Space Station did something that no other astronaut has ever done before – drank recycled urine and sweat.

The new, new Napster

It’s becoming hard to keep track of whether Napster is dead or “back” at any given time these days, but Napster has officially relaunched its service yet again.