Santa Cruz Geeks with Sean Tario

The local social scene for Geeks in Santa Cruz has always been impressive. Ever since the Geek Houses of the 80s, Santa Cruz has had its technically savvy folks who like to spend time socializing. In recent months there has been a resurgence of this Santa Cruz staple. Sean Tario is one of the geeks accidently leading over 250 geeks in the Santa Cruz area to hang out and chat, to share their brilliance, and enjoy life like only a geek can.

Judge's ruling that WoW bot violates DMCA

Is breaking the rules for a game really tantamount to a crime?

Man takes 26 years to solve Rubik’s Cube |

It has taken most of his life – but, after 26 years, builder Graham Parker has finally solved the puzzle of the Rubik’s Cube.

GDrive Anyone?

Just today, Philipp Lenssen at Blogoscoped posted a couple new pieces of information that were passed along to him. The first is a reference to GDrive in a Google Pack related javascript file — which may be the preferred way to obtain your copy when it’s launched.

Paint made in Japan blocks Wi-Fi | Crave - CNET

Paint made in Japan blocks Wi-Fi

Reading the fine print takes on a new meaning

Flipping atoms like bits? Pshaw! Try 35 bits per electron! Go Stanford!

New Trojan for OS X

“Pirated copies of Apple’s new iWork ’09 suite that are now available on file-sharing sites contain a Trojan horse that hijacks Macs and leaves them open to further attack, a security company said yesterday.

Facebook ID theft targets friends

Scams. They’re not just for individual recipients anymore.

! Sean Tario, our Guest
Sean joined UnitedLayer in April 2007 and is responsible for managing sales and business development opportunities. The company has grown from a $1.2M run rate to an over $7M run rate in the 20 months he’s been there.

Sean started his professional career as an entrepreneur while still a student in college, helping to launch AllDorm Inc., a collegiate media and marketing company. He served on the Executive Management Team for five years as the primary employee responsible for managing and growing the retail division of the company from its initial idea phase to a profitable division. Since this experience, he has worked with dozens of start-ups and growing companies in Director roles and as a general advisor, consultant and fundraiser, primarily focused on implementing and developing systems and processes that will ensure scalability and transparency.

Sean works actively to develop meaningful and valuable relationships and partnerships in all areas of his life. He has helped launch a number of successful organizations that aim to achieve this goal, such as the Santa Clara University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Santa Cruz NEXT, and Santa Cruz Geeks.

Sean received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics from Santa Clara University.

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