MacWorld 2009, FaceBook, and More

[Al Luckow|] and Ben Jaffe attended MacWorld and we chat a bit about the Apple announcements and other GeekNews of the week. And a bit about what Al does, like [WOZ’s mettle business card|] and more.

Delete 10 Facebook friends, get a free Whopper

Burger King wants you to to ditch some of your friends for a free hamburger. Why?

CES 2009: MSI Wind NetBOX

It’s like a netbook you can bolt on to the back of your LCD monitor for a new low budget all in one computer

Where's Windows 7 beta?

Microsoft planned to to make it’s Windows 7 Beta publicly available yesterday, but due to overwhelming demand, Microsoft servers were hurting badly, they had to pull the beta until they could ramp up the back-end hardware. Microsoft is also providing 2.5 million licenses for this beta which will expire in August.

Vietnam to widely use open source software

By June 30, 2009, 100% of clients of IT divisions of government agencies must be installed with open source software; 100% of staffs at these IT divisions must be trained in the use of these software products and at least 50% use them proficiently.

! Rename Files
On a Mac the finder is not that great at renaming. Al recommends [A Better Finder Rename|], and it works well. Ben recommends [Name Mangler|].