Not Thumb Wrestling

John offers gear to the Geeks; Ben and Drew want the same items; A thumb wrestling match is proposed to settle the conflict; Drew leaves the state in fear. What do we do now?

Sony Recalls More Laptop Batteries -

Sony recalls 100000 laptop batteries. The majority of these were made in 2004-2006 before Sony revamped their manufacturing process.

Visit the manufacturer’s website for information to find out if your laptop is part of the recall.

  • [Hewlett-Packard Battery replacement |] or call (800) 889-2031 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. CT Monday through Friday.
  • [Toshiba Battery replacement|] or call (800) 457-7777 anytime.
  • [Dell Battery Replacement |] or call toll-free (866) 342-0011 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday.

Knuth launches The Bank of San Serriffe | PC Pro blog

Donald Knuth, creator of TeX and author of The Art of Computer Programming, used to post checks to anyone who spotted an error in one of his books – one hexadecimal dollar, or $2.56.

Google sheds light on 'Dark Web' by searching scanned documents

Using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, Google’s search engine now can convert scanned PDF documents into text that can be searched and indexed, the company said. Thus, government reports, academic papers and other scanned documents can now show up in search results.

The Call of Cthubuntu

In the dark, abysmal depths, there dwell timeless alien horrors that once roamed the void of space in the ages before the earliest building blocks of life congealed within the primordial waters of our doomed planet. From far beyond the stars, they came to this world when it was young and forged mighty edifices in the inaccessible places where nothing else could exist, there to rest in dreamful torpor for endless aeons.

Though the presence of these Great Old Ones has long been obscured from humanity, we are surrounded by subtle signs and portents of the secret horrors that will one day awaken and rise from the depths to blot out our feeble existence. An artifact that prophesies their grim return has come into my possession: the dread Cthubuntu Linux distribution—an arcane relic of ineffable power that originated in a dark time beyond reckoning. The incomprehensible apparatus is an otherworldly chimaera forged by alchemical arts unknown to modern science.

Vote Report: Help NPR Identify Voting Problems

If you have any voting problems, NPR wants to hear about them. As part of Twitter Vote Report – a project born out of a collaboration of volunteer software developers, bloggers and the NPR social media desk – we’ll be monitoring voting irregularities, everything from long waits and broken voting machines to polling places with insufficient ballots.

! Scanners for optical film:

! Open Office
[Open Office|] is a free and open source piece of software designed to provide users with MS Office functionality and compatibility.