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Prevent Unwanted Presidencies With Paper Ballots

California Secretary of State, Debra Bowen, joined three other e-voting experts at MIT’s Kresge Auditorium to address the public’s concern with the accuracy of today’s polling systems. Bowen, who took office in 2006, ordered a complete review of the state’s voting technology, which produced some surprising revelations as to problems many states, not just California, may face come November. Bowen said the review was in response to a “backlash” against electronic voting systems.

It’s Snowing on Mars

NASA just announced (Monday, September 29, 2008) through its news release, “NASA Mars Lander sees falling snow, soil data suggests liquid past,” that Phoenix has detected snow falling from about 2.5 miles (4.2 kilometers) above the landing site of the spacecraft.

Windows XP Gets Another Six Months

Microsoft has stepped up its effort to promote its Vista operating system, but Windows XP just isn’t going away. The company reportedly extended the OEM downgrade time line once again: As of now, system builders can still offer Windows XP downgrades to their customers and will be able to do so until Vista’s second birthday.

Duke Nukem Forever Exclusive to Xbox 360?

“Yeah, right” are the words that spring to everyone’s mind when reading any title related to Duke Nukem and its long-awaited launch. Furthermore, I think that the words “when it’s done” are among the most hated words in the industry, and rightly so. However, has quoted their source, that’s allegedly close to Microsoft, saying that the game will launch exclusively for XboX360.

Mapping the Universe at 30 Terabytes a Night

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) is, in the words of Jeff Kantor, LSST data management project manager, “a proposed ground-based 6.7 meter effective diameter (8.4 meter primary mirror), 10 square-degree-field telescope that will provide digital imaging of faint astronomical objects across the entire sky, night after night.”

China Censoring Skype

China is Censoring Skype, according to evidence found on publicly accessible server in China by a Canadian research group call Citizens Lab. Sensitive data contain political key words, text messaging logs and Skype member contact information was collected by TOM-Online, a partnering company with Skype to provide Skype service to China. The information suggests that China is actively monitoring content on Skype and censoring TOM-Skype users.

Ultrasound machine turns cheap wine into fine in minutes

For a mere 350 pounds, you could have a gadget that reportedly emits ultrasonic sound waves to alter the alcohol compounds in wine and other booze to make them taste as though they had been aged over time.

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