Toast 9, Burning on a Mac

Patrick Nugent product manager of Toast, a CD and DVD authoring and burning software package from Roxio will join special host Timothy Jordan and the Geeks to talk about CD and DVD creation on the Macintosh operating system.


Electrical engineers and their acolytes have one more tool in their collective toolbelts. The memristor joins the inductor, resistor, and capacitor as one of the basic building blocks of an electrical circuit.

Base-10 versus Base-2

Check out Base-10 versus Base-2 at

The Internet Sends Helen Thomas Flowers

Helen Thomas, a journalist who has covered every president since Kennedy, recently confronted the press secretary with probing questions about torture. Readers of the news aggregate site [Reddit|] were so appreciative of her efforts, [they sent her flowers|]. Between [$3000-$4100 worth of flowers|] to her office!

Conducting Robots

ASIMO, Honda’s amazing 51-inch tall humanoid robot, is preparing to conduct the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in a performance of “Impossible Dream.” Along with renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma, the mechanical marvel will open a special concert performance for young people in Detroit on May 13.

Cuba now selling PC computers to the public

Under new Cuban leadership of Raul Castro, numerous bans have been lifted for the island country, allowing it’s citizens to purchase computers.

Dell UK laptops keyboards a bit off kilter

A bit of an oops from Dell UK with some of their Vostro model laptops. Customers received brand new laptops with the bottom row of their keyboards with letters shifted one spot to the right with a new key inserted erroneously.

! Our Guest
Patrick Nugent is a product manager for Roxio, a division of Sonic Solutions, the leading provider of consumer, professional and embedded CD and DVD authoring products such as Roxio Toast for Mac and Easy Media Creator for Windows. As a self self-proclaimed digital media enthusiast, Patrick has played an instrumental role in the involvement of Roxio’s Macintosh products and strategy, exploring and learning how to navigate the often unmapped territory that comes with being on the cutting edge of digital media technology. During his time at Roxio, Patrick oversaw the development and delivery of the award-winning Toast 8, and devotes his time and effort into making sure Roxio continues to deliver superior products that enrich Mac user’s digital experience.

! Supplementals

!! Anti-spyware

Got strange popup windows while you’re browsing the web? You might have spyware on your system. The Geeks recommend [Spybot Search & Destroy|], but no matter which product you chose, be sure to chose one. Life is too short for annoying popup windows. But whatever you do, do not click on the links in the popups! That will only add to your problems, not contribute to solutions.

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate. (Sorry folks, couldn’t resist.)

!! Free Audio Program

A simple-to-use and free application, [Audacity|], is a good one to use.

!! Merging Multiple tracks in iTunes

Judith from Watsonville wrote us to say…

“Thanks for your help today. I could not figure out how to use Audacity to
join the tracks of the CD. So I continuned my search for a solution by
using the search terms you recommended “mp3 merge” plus “mac os X”. I
found a page about a simple way of doing what I need to do using iTunes. Thought you might be interested."