Blu-ray is Photographic

The Geeks cover iPhones in China, HD DVD and Blue-ray, changes to Bit Torrent and much more. Timothy Jordan leads the Geeks this week covering the news and answering lister’s calls.

HD DVD is Dead

With Engadgets recent article noting that [Toshiba is pulling the plug on HD DVD|]
the battle seems to be way over now.

400 iPhones in China

It looks like the iPhone is a [big success in china|] even though there is no official carrier. This may explain why Apple’s iPhone sales are so much higher then AT&T reports.

Samsung's Defective Blu Ray Suite

There is a [class action lawsuite against Samsumg|] because of their defective first run Blu-ray discs.

Google Android Screenshots

Google’s new phone software [Android|,2704,2259439,00.asp] with pictures.

! Digital to Analog TV

There is a [government coupon|] available to subsidize the cost of getting a Digital to Analog converter. Without one your TV will not be able to get TV signals off air.