GeekSpeak for 2007-02-24


Learn a bit about Dynamic HTML and fighting SPAM. [Danny Goodman|] joins the Geeks to discuss his new books, [Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference|] and [SPAM Wars|].

The Next Step in E-Ink: The Readius

Take [your book anywhere and roll it up|] when you’re not using it.

Bubble Fusion Validated

Early research in [table-top cold fusion|] appears to have been validated.

Fuel-Efficient Rockets?

Ever heard of a [rocket with gears|]? Neither had anyone else until these folks designed it.

Printing Without Ink

Xerox has a new printer. The difference between this one and the one on your desk? The new [Xerox printer doesn’t use ink to print|], and the paper can be reused!

Check out [Mr. Spam Man|]: Danny Goodman’s modern interpretation of a classic.