Windows Vista with Chris Donahue of Microsoft

Chris Donahue, Director of Windows Graphics and Gaming Technologies at Microsoft, will be joining the Geeks to discuss Windows Vista. The Geeks plan to get the latest scoop on Vista features including parental controls, data backup, networking, quick bootup, new 3D Aero Glass interface, DirectX 10 gaming, search and organization, eliminating performance drain, and security.

As director of the Microsoft Windows Graphics and Gaming team, Chris Donahue leads a group accountable for promoting Windows with DirectX as a premier gaming platform. Donahue and his team are charged with providing game developers, publishers and independent hardware vendors with the information, tools and assistance they need to create gaming and entertainment content on the Windows platform.

Donahue joined Microsoft in January 2003 as technical evangelist for hardware and was promoted to director of developer relations. Previously he was the manager of developer relations at NVIDIA Corp. and worked at the ImagiNation Network (WorldPlay) as a producer for Cyberpark, a 3-D game world and environment.