Child Development Technology

Exploring Mars, IBM 960 chips, Fed Court rules against photographers, DNA collected by law enforcement and then a discussion of child rearing and technology. John and Bruce have different child rearing patterns.

John: Beagle 2 detaches from Mars Express, but we haven’t heard from it… solar panel problem, crash landing?

Miles:China, Russia, and US to build large fast network.

John:IBM to release new 970 processor with 90nm paths.

Miles:Federal District NY Court says photographers do not have a copyright claim on photos on CDs, their claim. Court says CD content is simply a different print of the original magazine.

Miles and Lyle engage in debate about copyright regarding different forms.

John: Apple releases Panther patches (OS X) including iNetD and OpenSHH fixes. Lyle patches his “G4 Laptop”.

Miles: Police/Law Enforcement are starting to collect DNA on suspects, not just convicted.
Lyle explains how DNA “finger printing” works and concerns about what other data can be gleaned from DNA.

Then into Education and Children.
Bruce Elliot, an educator, joins the show.