Auction Drop

This week eBay reported a net income of over $109 million for this last year.
And not just eBay is making money from these online auctions. Our
very own Geek John Tracy
recently started an eBay based company selling minurature figures. We will have a disscussion about John’s selling and our guest, Bill Rollinson, co-founder of will join us for a disscussion about his retail store outlet that sells on eBay. Their slant – customers bring in something they want to sell and, for a commission, AuctionDrop sells the peice for them on eBay.

Got a cat that brings in wild, sometimes live, “presents”? The owners of Flo had such a cat and they came up with a very Geeky solution to the problem. A "Smart, “empty mouth”, cat door": Chris does a low-down on hand helds. Talking about some new devices: Pam Tungsten T2, Sony Clie NX80 and UX50, iPaq 2210, 1940, 5550, Garmin iQueue, Samsung i500, Fossil Wrist PDA, Kyocera 7135.


Our very own Geek, John Tracy, and his family recently started Felton Games an online Lead Figures distributar with a focus on eBay customers. Or the “eBay” selling model.

Picture of Bill Rollinson
Bill Rollinson (L) is one of the three founders of has store-fronts where people can drop their $50 (or over) items for auctioning on eBay. Bill will talk a bit about the companies business and customers.