Government Scanning ABTests


Shodan has been scanning ports on IPV6 networks, Going Dark doesn’t mean you can’t be tracked, and an in depth discussion on how software engineers use you to improve their products using AB Tests.

Netflix Takes Broadband to the Broken Screen


Netflix will do more to stop customers from bypassing country restrictions, Miles fixes his laptop screen, Donald Rumsfeld makes an iOS solitaire game based off of Winston Churchill’s design, and more week in geek news.

Throttling Bitcoins at the Back Door


A follow up on T-Mobile’s Bingeon service, Discussion of Encryption and backdoors, Plus the latest news about Bitcoin.

Enigma Translates SSL Certs using The Force


The Computer History Museum has a full-scale Babbage Engine, SSL/TLS Sha-1 suite is discontinued and we Geek Out on SSL/TLS Certificates and The Force.

Reusable WiFi Checks Out IPv6


An update on SpaceX’s Falcon 9, IPv6’s 20th birthday, and a whole lotta Wifi brings the Geeks into the new year.

Perl’s First Stage of Net Neutrality is Swift


A successful SpaceX flight, Swift and Perl, mobile carriers and net neutrality issues. Disney using DMCA against individual’s photo of a Star Wars figurine.

And we round up the show with talk of Star Wars VII (at the end with warning).

Big Solar Sends Kids to the AI Mine


A town in North Carolina says no to solar power, There’s a new game in town when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, and the EFF brings light to the side effects of outsourcing public school IT services to companies like Google.

Interview Kepler on Jury Rigging


It’s “Jury Rig”, use PEX, software development expertise is useful for software development, use three words for any spot on the planet.

And in the second half: Aline Lerner, founder of, shares her insight about the uselessness of a resume when matching a person to a tech job: there is a better way.

Can't Fix Black Friday, Figure It Out


On Black Friday the Geeks fixed things, and urge you to do the same. You can figure things out, enjoy the learning, and learn to solve problems. Lyle and Ben chat about not knowing and still figuring things out.

Geeks State "To the Moon, iPad Pro"


External features of the world effect us internally, why does the moon have more creators on the “dark side”, our thoughts on the iPad Pro, and a bit about bridges.

Mobile Ranging Computational Cinematographer


A conversation with Arnav Jhala about computational cinematography and story comprehension, a chat about developing the MobileRanger App, and a quick review of the AppleTV.

Vader Statue Pwns HTTPS


Lenin looses to Vader, make sure you buy the right USB-C cable, caffeinated peanut butter, and a long form discussion on trust with regards to computers, password managers, and SSL certificates.

Coin Card Senses Internet of Things’ Vulnerabilities


Is the Internet of things a good thing? How do your senses affect each other? What’s the new thing in card payments?

Life, Memory, and the art of Phoning it in


New evidence for life beginning out there, not here. The epoch of fast computer storage will change what you can do. Wifi calling is here and it is awesome. The Geeks do a long form show.

Warrant-less Flashing Kills Drone’s Battery


California has a new privacy law, Flash has a huge problem, and Siri can be hacked. Also Facebook’s iOS app sucks battery life, quantum gravity experiment is possible, Apple vs University of Wisconsin-Madison and some more geeky weekly news.

Zombie Scans Detroit, Shoots Volvo


Got Zombies on your phone? Scanner mixing up numbers? What do Geeks have to do with guns? We discuss these questions and more this week on special pledge drive edition of Geekspeak.

Fermi & Snowden- The Ethics of Trucking Chip-cards


Have you wondered about those gold tabs on your latest credit card, or maybe where all the aliens are? How about whether Software Engineers keep you in mind when they develop your apps? Covering the Geeky News and touching on some ethics on this episode of GeekSpeak

Wet Martians Teach Their Cars to Program


Mars, the Supermoon, and US LTE speeds are all wet. How we teach coding, and how the DMCA protects car company’s secrets.

Drone Bridge to AVG's Failure


A formerly trustworthy source of protection disappoints, a trio of drones does a lovely dance you walk on, and even pressing a simple key on your computer can boggle your mind.

Touchy Feely Phone Hacks DoE with Science!


Prosthetic hand with feeling, T-Mobile using it’s new spectrum, AT&T finally to have wifi calling on iPhone, Science, Space, and more weekly geeky news.

Use 3D Keys to Cheat on your Passwords


Lock-picking with photographs, Tech Companies fight with the US, password cracking is easy when mistakes are made, Microsoft downloads you might not use, and more tech news of the week.

Self-driving Police Drones Moon Their 80GB Drives


Self-driving cars are too polite, police tech isn’t polite enough, lunar burial, a Tesla breaks its tester again, and much more in the Week in Geek.

Chefs Smuggle Updates off your Roof


Open Source Pixar stuff, the need for consumer vigilance; drones used to smuggle into prison; analog vs UI geekery; developments that affect energy use; and opposing suggestions for what you do with your food photographs. With Lyle, Brian and Bonnie.

Qapla! Klingons Swipe Superconductors from Mindful Geeks


Glass as 3D printing medium, can speaking Klingon get you a job, Android lock patterns are not a unique snowflake, a discussion about diversity in tech and what you white guys can do to help, and more Geek News of the Week.

Fifteen Years of GeekSpeak


Lyle chats about doing the show for 15 years, and we cover the news: Freeboot followup, a new Epson printer that doesn’t need refills, Alphabet the new Google, Free Tuition for coding school, and much more.

Windows Expert Hacks 'Droid Rifle at RAMming speed


Brand new very fast memory, Windows 10 rolls out slowly, how to stay safe online: experts vs non-experts, and more Geeky News.

Updated Drones Swarm Earth 2


Kepler did it again, a call to stop Skynet before it starts, iOS 9 beta woes for developers, Swarming Drones, Hacking Jeeps and more GeekNews of the week.

Depressed Flying Death Machine Cheats on Bacon-Weed


First DNA marker for depression; a new protein rich seaweed that tastes like bacon; 2014 was the warmest; cheating site gets hacked, possible moral hacking; a flying handgun is created to the dismay of humanity; and more geeky news of the week.

Arrr! Freebooters will Block your Tweets, Ladies


Twitter your government, ads waste bandwidth and your time, maybe Uber drivers are contractors, Facebook benefiting from stolen Youtube videos, and more Geek News of the week.