Node.js Packages Noriega's Cratering Verizon Service


Daniel Shaw, founder of NodeSource, joins the Geeks to talk about open source software development, NodeJS and running a software company.

Tesla is not Tesla, and your phone is not FM Radio


The Geeks debate government intervention in the name of emergency situations, highlight pretty pictures for your computer, look at efforts to go to the stars, and the usual cynical eyeballing of what Big Tech is up to. Join Bonnie, Lindsey, and Lyle as they discuss the Week in Geek.

The Politics of Fighting Fire with Fire


The Mayday Superpac, patent reform in peril, unfunding NSA surveillance, how mosaics lead to Amazon Fire TV blowback, and more geek news with Bonnie and Lindsey.

Solar Thermal Aggregates Medical Data at 60fps


Though Germany is not happy with the US at least now in the US your cell phone can’t be searched without consent.

Pepper Dies in Superlative Flying Car Notification


Finding new products, fab dies, WWDC interests, superlatives vs expletives, sucker fish of might, and other tech news.

Ahoy Self Driving Measles Meat


Pledge Drive Show: Donate to KUSP and learn about Stem Cell Meat, Google’s self driving car, Measles on the rise, an astroid that will not kill us – and Reading Rainbow is back!

Titanosaur Texting Teens Triggers Traffic Ticket


Electronic skate, iMessage causing pain, meteors, dinosaur bones and more!

Ferengi Texts 911 about FCC Micro Bead Desalination


The Ferengi plan to support Net Neutrality, New York bans micro beads in face cleaning. the ID stop for bikes, avatar choices, desalination technical breakthrough and more tech news and calls with Ben, Bonnie, and Lyle.

Trashing Passwords from Space with Lightroom


Password day, planes powered by fuel from garbage, a design for commercial space flight, looking back in time at websites past, a new bitcoin-based cologne, and a live video feed from space.

Special Geek Guest Sharad Mangalick, Digital Imaging Product Manager at Adobe, speaks about Camera Raw and the recently-released Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

Badger Corrects OpenSSL's Spin with Pyramid Power


Window manager geeking out, privacy with Badger by EFF, Core Infrastructure Initiative, spin that exoplanet, and how to win at rock-paper-scissors.

SpaceX Sues Net Neutrality Over Bouncing Batteries


Does a battery’s ability to bounce alter when uncharged? We find out from our own myth-busting team!
Also, Miles completely flubs a story on a SpaceX lawsuit; read the linked story to find out how wrong he was. These stories and more in this episode of Geek Speak.

Falling Rock Arrested for Fake Iapetus Tweets


The mountain range that fell from space, earth-like planet discovered, open source seeds, stem cells help the blind, and other Geek news, with Miles, Ben and Bonnie. This show is dedicated to the memory of Finn, a good dog.

Fruit Fly Prints Plane while Violin Plays Heartbleed


Fruit flies are mini-jet-fighters, Staples prints in 3D, Violinists and Stradivarius, Hearbleed explained and much more.

NASA's Meteoric Software Clocked at Terminal Velocity


Skydiver films meteoroid, NASA and Microsoft open source code, Subversion switches to Git, Zebras are stripy because… – Some car tech, and listener calls. Fun Fun show.

Virtual 3D Klingon Skull Chooses Carrier


Rings around an Astroid, Klingon Subtitles, Facebook goes virtual and Our experiences with alt phone carriers Net10, Ting, and Kitty Wireless.

Facebook Recognizes the Mosquito Reading Your Email


Bonnie, Ben, and Lindsey talk about geek news of the week including various reactions to security and the lack thereof. Facebook, Microsoft, FCC, Twitter, Turkey, and mosquitoes…. oh my

OK Google, Tell the Patient to Say "Ah"


Dr. Dawn joins the Geeks to talk about technology in the medical sphere, the CIA spies on the US Senate, and the US gives up control of DNS. All of this and more in the Week in Geek while we take your calls on this episode of GeekSpeak.

Upgrade Your Jacket's Porn Filters With Pennies


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Mt. Gox Can't Afford the $25 Phone


It’s pledge time again on KUSP, where all of our equipment like mics, headphones, air time, producers, AND THE PODCAST (Hint! Hint!) gets paid for. Please take a moment to donate to KUSP either on the website or the toll-free number (US only) 888-777-1507 so that we can continue to provide the Week in Geek news and banter you’ve come to know and love.

Sadistically Trolling Neutron Stars with Unintended Acceleration


From inside their bionic exoskeletons, covering the Week in Geek and taking your calls.

Jade Rabbit Horoscope: You will Learn to Program


Unprofitable Music, China’s Lunar Rover, Should Bonnie learn to program, Americans do not believe in Astrology, Comcast buys Time Warner, and much more GeekNews.

The Game of Tech Life


A contestant uses game theory to win at jeopardy. Also, boost your tech literacy to keep companies from gaming you.

Dark Matter Has a Bucky Ball on the Moon


Jaime Snyder joins the geeks to chat about the life and work of his grandfather Buckminster Fuller, an inspirational thinker and architect.
And in the first half of the show: international exploration of space, treats for programmers, and governments NOT going into cahoots with corporations.

Ukraine's Outage Executes Quantum Timestamp


Anniversaries, Google Glitches, China’s Internet Outage, Space and Science News, and Facebook vs Princeton. We also talked with a listener about ways of cryptographically proving time stamps.

Fish Eats Floppy Plane on Mac's 30th Aniversery


Mac turns 30, XP Rebirth, Fish eats Bird, Mozilla mapping cell towers, and much more on this episode of GeekSpeak.

Our Guest Daniel Kottke talks about the Mac 30th anniversary.

Backup Your Toothbrush's Password in 2014


What tech will be important for 2014 and beyond.

Waze Reports: Cloudy with a Chance of Pananoia Redux


Originally aired on June 15th, 2013, this episode of GeekSpeak never made it into the podcast.

Vienna Teng - Music, Geek


When a coder turns singer-songwriter, does her geekiness still show through? Resident Geek Ben Jaffe talks to Vienna Teng about her new album, Aims, and its geeky underbelly.