Fermi & Snowden- The Ethics of Trucking Chip-cards


Have you wondered about those gold tabs on your latest credit card, or maybe where all the aliens are? How about whether Software Engineers keep you in mind when they develop your apps? Covering the Geeky News and touching on some ethics on this episode of GeekSpeak

Wet Martians Teach Their Cars to Program


Mars, the Supermoon, and US LTE speeds are all wet. How we teach coding, and how the DMCA protects car company’s secrets.

Drone Bridge to AVG's Failure


A formerly trustworthy source of protection disappoints, a trio of drones does a lovely dance you walk on, and even pressing a simple key on your computer can boggle your mind.

Touchy Feely Phone Hacks DoE with Science!


Prosthetic hand with feeling, T-Mobile using it’s new spectrum, AT&T finally to have wifi calling on iPhone, Science, Space, and more weekly geeky news.

Use 3D Keys to Cheat on your Passwords


Lock-picking with photographs, Tech Companies fight with the US, password cracking is easy when mistakes are made, Microsoft downloads you might not use, and more tech news of the week.

Self-driving Police Drones Moon Their 80GB Drives


Self-driving cars are too polite, police tech isn’t polite enough, lunar burial, a Tesla breaks its tester again, and much more in the Week in Geek.

Chefs Smuggle Updates off your Roof


Open Source Pixar stuff, the need for consumer vigilance; drones used to smuggle into prison; analog vs UI geekery; developments that affect energy use; and opposing suggestions for what you do with your food photographs. With Lyle, Brian and Bonnie.

Qapla! Klingons Swipe Superconductors from Mindful Geeks


Glass as 3D printing medium, can speaking Klingon get you a job, Android lock patterns are not a unique snowflake, a discussion about diversity in tech and what you white guys can do to help, and more Geek News of the Week.

Fifteen Years of GeekSpeak


Lyle chats about doing the show for 15 years, and we cover the news: Freeboot followup, a new Epson printer that doesn’t need refills, Alphabet the new Google, Free Tuition for coding school, and much more.

Windows Expert Hacks 'Droid Rifle at RAMming speed


Brand new very fast memory, Windows 10 rolls out slowly, how to stay safe online: experts vs non-experts, and more Geeky News.

Updated Drones Swarm Earth 2


Kepler did it again, a call to stop Skynet before it starts, iOS 9 beta woes for developers, Swarming Drones, Hacking Jeeps and more GeekNews of the week.

Depressed Flying Death Machine Cheats on Bacon-Weed


First DNA marker for depression; a new protein rich seaweed that tastes like bacon; 2014 was the warmest; cheating site gets hacked, possible moral hacking; a flying handgun is created to the dismay of humanity; and more geeky news of the week.

Arrr! Freebooters will Block your Tweets, Ladies


Twitter your government, ads waste bandwidth and your time, maybe Uber drivers are contractors, Facebook benefiting from stolen Youtube videos, and more Geek News of the week.

Aussie's Carpool to Pluto using IPv6


The ever-nearing IPv4 apocalypse, cool hybrids no one can afford, hiccups on the way to Pluto, and the role of free speech when national security is at stake. Check out the discussion about these stories and more with the Geeks while you ask for a carpooler with your cell phone.

Also, goats

Internet Access Sucks? Try More Fibre


Santa Cruz City is getting fiber; learn a bit about how a City can get fiber from our special guest Chris Neklason. Also, Supreme Court rejects Java API Copyright appeal, improvements in fiber distance, ISPs suck in the US, SpaceX has it’s first major problem, selfie sticks are banned by the mouse, and hobby drone interferes with firefighting.

Want Encrypted Ads? Read the Book!


How Amazon will hold revenue until you read the book, NY goes after Verizon, ask a better DNS server, ad blocking, and more geek news of the week,

Lastpass takes Hyperloop to Private Conference


That battery thing was over-blown, Google IO, WWDC, NodeConf, tech diversity, some changes to iOS and much more geek news.

Plus an interview with Neil Stevenson about his new book, “Seveneves.” If you plan to read it, wait on listening to the interview because it contains spoilers.

Power your voice searches with Java


Repairman beats Google search algorithms, battery booster explained, Chrome limiting Flash, are APIs copyrightable, and more GeekNews of the week.

Hola! Photos and PGP; Adios Car Ownership


A bit of Google I/O:Google Photos, Facebook PGP, GM says you don’t own your car.

Adult Friends Reset Their Focus Virtually


VR is going social, how to stop fob hacking car thieves, more Starbucks hacking, security breaches, more NSA Snowden stuff and much more Geek News of the Week.

Distracted Flying Car Crashes into Walled Garden


Wearables while driving, hacking while flying, self driving cars, Facebook instant’s walled garden, and passwords, passwords, passwords.

FCC Focuses on Edgy Cactus


Net-Neutrality win, self driving car safety, coping with Tech distractions, MS Edge looks good, and TTP in Google Maps.

Sperm Play Games with Keurig's DRM


Dr Dawn Motyka joins the Geeks for fascinating, apparently unpronounceable stuff about the effect of cell phones on your body, gamification, and how Amazon’s mechanical Turk is helping speed up the Singularity.

Miniature Computers Ransom your Health


Tiny computers, medical nano technology, a cure for Coinvault ransom malware, and medical apps on your smart device: how do they work? The Geeks are joined by Ask Dr Dawn host Dr Dawn Motyka.

Educating Droids on Computer Security


Apple Watch Opinions, SpaceX Landing Failure, Huawei’s P8 phone, new Droid BB8, designed for security might have flaws, Massive Online Open Courses have issues in UC, anti-drone drones, and more Geek News of the week.

Maine Police Watch for Rude Texts


Your Mac needs a patch; you may decide you need the Apple watch if you fall for trying one one; The Maine police learned they needed to be more careful with their data — by paying a price; the Geeks need a workable chat/text platform across mobile systems; and the world needs your ideas for the etiquette of handling each others’ devices.

Story Corps Reflects on Discrimination During Roadtrip


Volvo develops an invisible and highly reflective spray paint, Snapchat also goes transparent, tell your story for the library of congress through the Story Corp App, how to learn to program in Spanish class and much more this week in Geek News.

Tsunami of Sound Turns Moon Pitch Black


Don’t email personal data, Amazon does good, extinguish fire with sound, moving asteroids by tractor beams, and more wonderful GeekNews.

PWN2OWN Flushes Birds With Hanlon's Razor


Security prompts don’t help you think, Tricoders are closer then you think, abandoned means abandoned with cool pictures, are people evil or stupid, how to pwn a browser, Mars photos, and more GeekNews.

Tesla S Interviews at Uber


The Geeks discuss self-driving cars, face recognition, terrible job interviews, and get fannish at the in-person appearance of our Canadian correspondent, Greg Merkley